Proper preparation of your quilt top and back is important for a good result, so please read the following instructions carefully!

Do not pin or baste any of the layers together!

Quilt top should be trimmed down to the final finished size. I can trim the quilt up to the quilt top edge after the quilting process is finished if you would like.  I do not charge extra for this.  I will return all the trimmed material to you.

I can provide batting for you. I use Hobbs 80/20 (80% cotton, 20% polyester). I charge $0.20 per linear inch.

The backing and batting (if you provide your own) must be at least 4" to 5” larger than quilt top on all sides.  That's a total of 8"  to 10” longer and wider than quilt top.  If piecing backing, use 1/2" seams for stability and remove selvages before sewing.  Horizontal seams are preferred, with the selvages left on the very top and bottom.

If your quilt does not have an outside border, we recommend that you stay stitch between 1/8" to less than 1/4" around the entire edge of your quilt.  This secures the seams.   The stitching will be hidden by your binding.

Remove all loose threads from the back and front of your quilt.  Threads can show through the quilt top and detract from the beauty of your quilt.

Remove all pins, buttons, sequins, crystals, couching and any other embellishments from your quilt top.

Press your quilt top and backing fabric with seams to one side.  Make sure there are no pleats or tucks in your seams.

Measure your quilt across the top, bottom and center.  All of these measurements should be the same to ensure puckers don't occur in the quilting process.  Make sure your borders lie flat. Wavy borders can cause tucks, pleats or fullness.

Mark the "TOP" of your quilt top and quilt backing on the right sides by pinning a piece of paper labeled “top”.  The top is the part that is at the head of the bed or the top of a wall hanging.
Fold quilt top and quilt backing carefully to prevent wrinkling.

If shipping a quilt, be sure to include the following:
Quilt top
Backing fabric
Batting (only if you are supplying)
Printed order form - additional information about quilting
If binding is required:  minimum 1 yard of fabric.  I will return unused binding.
Payment - Minimum 50% down payable by check to Quilting By Betsy or money order. I will contact you one week before the quilt is completed. The quilt will be sent to you after the final payment is received.

Place all items in a strong plastic bag before placing in shipping box to protect it from weather elements.

PLEASE DO NOT label "Quilt" anywhere on your box for your quilt's protection.
If you are mailing a quilt, please call or email first so you can get an estimated completion date and I know it is on the way. I will email you when I receive it and before I mail the completed quilt back to you.

Mail to:

Quilting By Betsy
5960 Andover Drive
Hanover Park, IL 60133

Phone: 630-989-0906